Air traveler self-service with NLU

The top e-commerce retailers have set the standard for a modern customer experience. As consumers we take these expectations with us across industry boundaries. And then we encounter this. Natural language understanding (NLU) technology can untether passengers from airport staff and call centers, enabling them to explore options with voice or… Read More »Air traveler self-service with NLU

An airline self-service chatbot

Natural language bots connected to backend systems have the power to transform the airline customer experience, reduce costs, and increase sales. Improved service and reduced costs might seem mutually exclusive for an airline but customer facing AI can make it a reality. Customer self-service In 2018 airline passengers are still largely… Read More »An airline self-service chatbot

An aviation blockchain model

An aviation blockchain platform could unify the fragmented aviation ecosystem, reduce costs, eliminate data silos, and equip network participants with new capabilities. In the current environment, each entity that touches the aircraft—a stakeholder—maintains its own database which is generally not connected to the others. A single aircraft can have records… Read More »An aviation blockchain model