The current pandemic has upended the travel industry with painful ramifications for its people and businesses. We’ll be shifting focus in the days ahead to content meant to help people and organizations navigate the future.

Why I started this blog.

In 2017 my technology partner and I were finishing the prototype of an analytics app when I came across an article about AI (artificial Intelligence) that caused me to instantly change direction.

We were building an obsolete tool.

I realized that soon we’re simply going to use natural language to ask our devices for the information that currently requires time, money, and training to get.

A moment of illumination like that can change companies and careers.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase how businesses are using emerging technology to advance their organizations and the digital customer experience.

Since 2017 we have been prototyping natural language understanding (NLU) projects from chatbots to voicebots. Two examples are this Alexa skill and this IBM Watson chatbot.

Travel technology is always changing, and something that touches almost everyone on planet Earth.